About Us


Dear customers and leaders

Hello! First of all, on behalf of all the whale people, I would like to thank you for your concern and support for the whale! Sincerely say to you: "thank you!"

Spring and autumn, do not forget the rain, dew and rain; drink water to think of the source, always remember the people digging wells. Thanks to your care, the whale can make gratifying achievements in a short period of time, constantly do well and become a freight forwarder linking the world.

Since its establishment in 2005, the company has experienced rapid development from small to large. In order to better provide customers with more safe, convenient and fast quality service, we will carry forward the past and open the future, and spur ourselves with high standards and strict requirements, and constantly improve the service quality. Big whale is anxious for you, thinking what you think. Door to door service, handshake commitment. The road to entrepreneurship is full of thorns, and the road of career development is full of ups and downs. However, no matter what tomorrow, the whale people will continue to learn, innovate and surpass themselves, challenge themselves and surpass themselves!

We will always remember the mission of the whale, double cherish today, and strive to create tomorrow!


Dear employees

Hello! Welcome to join the big whale team and participate in the development of the company together!

Dajing is a team with a strong sense of enterprise and cohesion. Every achievement of the company in the past is conducive to the unremitting efforts of employees. From now on, every progress of whale in the future will be closely related to your efforts.

The stage of life is built by yourself, and the performance of big whale is created by you. no pains,no gains! Here, big whale provides you with a fair, just and open competition environment, and builds a broad and solid career stage for you. I believe that you are the real guardian of whale logistics, you will defeat yourself, surpass yourself and achieve yourself on this warship! I hope that in this career stage, you can perform passionately and give full play to your talents.

Dajing provides you with a broad stage. We sincerely open the door to the people of insight who are committed to the development of the company. We hope you can enjoy your talents. We sincerely hope that you can realize your ideal, reflect your own value, and create a beautiful tomorrow with your sincerity and efforts!

It's my honor to fight with you and fight side by side with you!

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